Passing on Info.

I’m working on my “Resources” section, looking for videos, journal articles and websites to include that may be of use to readers, and are not cited on other websites. Whole9 has a  great list of resources!

Here are a couple of others I think are worth checking out:

*Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food– In my opinion, there are many take home points, and two that resonated with me are the importance of cooking and education/knowledge about healthy food.

*Blog: Sean Flanagan Health & Nutrition Coach (Ancestral Health Approach).  He also posts great tips and information on his Facebook Page.  I’m really interested in craving type responses and related behaviour and his post yesterday was about how sugar consumption and eating other junk foods affect appreciation and taste for nutritious food:

Many people make excuses and denial about their sugar consumption – stating that they “like to eat” as a cutesy and responsibility-waiving way to talk about their habits.   This essentially implies that sweet foods (or other junk) are the most flavorful foods.   This is only true if you’ve developed a bit of an addiction to this kind of stuff.  When you’ve successfully lost the taste for these things, it’s gone for good (unless you mess it up).   It’s not a matter of willpower at all (except at first) – with time you’ll start gravitating towards foods that make you feel great and avoid those that make you feel like crap. The truth is nutritious foods prepared right are much more flavorful than poor food choices.   And not only would a grass fed filet mignon with herb butter, mushrooms, and baked sweet potato taste WAY better than skittles – but you’ll feel GOOD after.   Immediately after and for the hours that follow. When you’ve defeated your sugar and junk cravings, you’ll naturally find yourself enjoying nutritious foods more.    Think about what would happen if you’re listening to a static-ridden radio station… what would happen if the static went away?  By definition, you’d hear the music come in clearer.   Junk cravings are the static that mess up your experience and appreciation of real satisfying foods.   You’ve got to get rid of the noise in the way. This will take time and precise action.  But first things first, accept the fact that you’ve developed an addiction to some foods that are not doing you any favors.   No judgment from me – but you’ve got to be honest with yourself to move forward.   With time and the right direction, you’ll discover that nutritious foods are the most satisfying foods on all levels.

*Paleolithic Nutrition: Twenty-Five Years Later by Melvin Konner and S. Boyd Eaton.

Konner’s work has contributed greatly to the concept of the “Paleolithic Diet”.  This article provides further support of the “evolutionary discordance hypothesis”-  which links modern-day chronic diseases (e.g., type 2 diabetes, obesity, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease) to our departure from nutrition and activity patterns of hunter-gatherer ancestors.

More to come…but some recipes first!



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