Shout Out- Merguez Meatballs

A friend recently asked me if I ever get tired of eating meat…my answer was “no”, and I added that’s probably because I eat a variety of protein sources, like beef, pork, bison, lamb and chicken,  plus fish and seafood,  loads of vegetables, not to mention the combination of herbs and spices.  I guess these things keep my taste buds guessing!  Like anyone else, I sometimes have a  “food rut” day where I feel like I don’t know what to cook, and that’s when I start looking up recipes.

Here’s another recipe Shout Out to Melissa Joulwan, who does an amazing job of using a variety of spices. The Merguez spice mix is one you’ll want to keep around for another day!   The last time I made them, I was out of fennel, but no biggy, they were still delicious. Give these a try, I know you’ll love them!


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